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Monday, September 20, 2010

1 Hypochondriac; 1 Vegetarian; and an OCD bub.

I love the colour that children bring to my life. I love how their little personalities blossom and it seems to me that we must have lived before we came to this life. The funniest things happen when you are a SAHM. Things that only you get to discover and watch. No one else will live these moments with my toddlers. And no matter how much I try to blog or tell others about it, these moments will never be described adequately to portray the wonder of my 3 sons. Just as other children bring their own sense of wonder to their own parents.

Of late we have some real characters hanging about in my house. Baby Bunny is a little OCD about being clean. He hates the feeling of dirty hands or especially sandy hands. When he sees someone using the antibacterial wash he calls out for a turn (by rubbing two hands together to signal washing). He often motions with his finger in his teeth and roughly says teef to tell us he wants to brush his teeth again. He loves a bath. And I don't mind any of this at all. In fact OCD is a large exaggeration for a little boy who just wants to grow up as fast as he can.

Bunny's brother Moo Moo is very fast becoming a vegetarian a rather surprising transformation for our little meat and potatoes man. I think he is not enjoying the texture of the meat but I suspect the real reason belongs to his realisation that meat are in fact animals. Someone tell me why we never came up with a culinary alternative name for chicken or fish? After all parents can get away with saying beef or pork or even bacon and ham. Lamb is even dodgy. Why didn't we ever say fowl or fin or something. I am also suspicious that since Grandma got Sophie and Sam, the pet laying hens, Moo Moo is highly suspicious of the origins of his meat. We try to explain that there are pet chickens, laying chickens and eating chickens but this vegetarian is persistent at the moment. And he only just turned 3! So I am figuring this smart cookie will grow out of it.

Monkey is quite the hypochondriac. If something is a little too overwhelming and he prefers not to try anymore, Monkey will mention a random ailment that is the REAL reason why he can't proceed. A situation might play out like this -
Mama - 'Monkey would you like to say the prayer?'
Monkey - 'I'm not feeling well, I have a sore leg'.
Or Mama - 'Monkey please walk on your own'.
Monkey - 'My legs are bandy'.

Its humorous to watch, but a little lie on his bed is all it takes to cure his sicknesses. If we made all the trips to the hospital as requested they'd think he'd suffer from neglect.


  1. They are so cute, Jillina! I like the way you have expressed the wonder and responsibility of motherhood so nicely. Our homes and lives do become wonderfully populated with these amazing characters, don't they? They do make life fun!
    I think it is great that you are taking note of it all. And, I love the photo! :)


  2. I loved your 1st paragraph in this post!! lovely words. I think you have expressed quite precisely how many mothers must feel being at home with little ones!!

    ps) your boys are SO CUTE!! They look so happy and cheeky in this pic :)

  3. Gotta say we asked Monkey to say the prayer and he said he couldn't because he has a sore tounge. We said that maybe his tongue is too sore for the milk he requested. He explained the milk would make his tongue feel better....and so on.