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Friday, October 22, 2010

Thanks to all my blog friends.

thank you very much for bringing a smile to my face. i just finished reading your well wishes for me and baby four. I haven't written for fear that i might portray too negative a picture because night sickness (not morning sickness in my case) consumes me. After feeling a little boo hoo and oh me oh my, etc i read your comments and i felt loved. i barely go anywhere so its nice to have friendship come my way. It's a weird life i lead right now, so different to a couple of months ago. I feel like for all the challenges thrown at me I have an equal amount of blessings and I just gotta keep looking at the glass half full. Upon measuring  the glass I bet I'd find its probably close to the brim with blessings. but the glass smells nah just kidding... bad pregnancy joke.  I have a super amazing husband who is doing pretty much everything. I hope his uni results dont suffer too much. his says its like I dont exist. Most days I am in our room by 4pm and asleep by 6. its been a blessing thst the in laws are company for my family seeing as I am literally MIA. So if I am MIA as a blogger you'll understand.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

We're having another baby!

I'm really excited to announce that we are having another baby. I am very sick so I have no funny interesting stories to share. I just thought I'd make it blogspot official. It was planned and suprisingly (well not considering our record) it took only a month to fall pregnant. I hate this morning sickness and this one is the worst pregnancy yet. Everything smells, I smell, soap smells, my children smell, its all making me sick hahaha. Bring on the second trimester.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Our HALF move

We have just moved out of our unit and waiting to move into our new rental house that is not quite finished being built. So we have put of our stuff into storage and we are living with my inlaws. What makes me amused is a couple of posts ago I said the boys must separate. Well not only has that not happened (yet) but the rest of us have joined them. Yep all 5 of us sleep and share the one bedroom. Its not proving good sleep but its fun for the most part. The boys are still silly as ever and jump from mattress to mattress, and its still are struggle to get them dressed but a good routine is helping to make the adjustment improve.

I must say moving makes you realise how much stuff you have and how much it really is just STUFF. Not that I want a fire or disaster to take it away. But I can live happily with out a bunch.

It reminds me of the song that I play for the boys from Jungle Book - The Bare Necessities.

Look for the bare necessities
The simple bare necessities
Forget about your worries and your strife
I mean the bare necessities
Old Mother Nature's recipes
That brings the bare necessities of life

And don't spend your time lookin' around
For something you want that can't be found
When you find out you can live without it
And go along not thinkin' about it
I'll tell you something true
The bare necessities of life will come to you

I plan to be better at not hoarding, and the three Rs reduce re-use recycle.