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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Moo Moo the comedian

Our boy Moo Moo is quite the comedian. His latest joke he made up was funny to hear as he was literally cracking himself up as he tried to tell his brother and I.

Moo Moo - "I spy with my little eye something that (giggle) that begins (giggle) just with the letter I (more giggles) .... Its just an eye (roar of laughter).

Maybe you had to be there but it was pretty funny.

This 2 year old really comes up with some good one liners.

Monday, August 16, 2010

What do you wake up to?

Hubby is looking for a good alarm song on his mobile phone for tomorrow morning. He's found it - Bob Marley's 'Get Up, Stand Up.'

Too funny!

Baby Bunny not so small

I don't often get to write about Baby Bunny even though his personality is beautiful he often gets overshadowed by his bigger brothers. But I wanted to record mostly for my own benefit that I am so happy that he is a part of our family. He is an affectionate little boy who when he hugs gives you these cute little pats of the back. Mimicking me I guess when I comfort him.

Of late he has been doing this funny laugh that sounds like a loudly forced harrghh harrghh (that's the best I can do to describe it). But its so funny because he seems like he's trying real hard to laugh with real enthusiasm. He also has a natural belly laugh but the other forced laugh seems a little put on so he can get a reaction from us. Of course this works!

Bunny is not a huge talker and his vocab is mostly - Mama, Dadda, Nana, bye, ball, bir for bird, gog for dog, car, mama for banana, maow for cat, moo for cow, Bob for Bob the Builder, and a little more. His clearest and most frequent word except for Mama and Dadda is 'MORE MORE' for food.

For whatever he lacks in talking, he makes up for in moving. Bunny has no fear and is down right dangerous. I believe he thinks he is a 3 year old when in actuality he not long turned 1. He's a climbing machine. Our dining chairs are constantly stacked on the table out of reach. He opens the oven and stands on the open door. As soon as he could climb the stairs, he would repeatedly climb up them, climb through the rails and then do a forward flip onto the couch. All for a reaction of course. In such cases my reactions are not as approving.

He loves his brothers so much and voluntarily gives them hugs when they are upset. He's also tough and gives them a run for their money. I think they better watch out when they all grow up.

We love you Bunny.

Quote to remind us to be careful when criticizing children

Are you guilty of constantly criticizing your children? Two young boys were closely examining a work of art on exhibit. Suddenly they heard footsteps, and one exclaimed to the other, "Let's go! They'll think we did it."

Anonymous (cited Thomson, L., 'Somewhere I've Read...' pg. 46)

Our first pet.

Last week our lovely neighbour now hailed as Aunty brought over some strawberries for the boys. As I prepared the fruit for eating I noticed a little dark brown grub. I showed our excitable Monkey. He didn't fail to get to get excited and squealed with delight. "Oooooh our first pet!". We cracked up laughing and my neighbour said oh that's pretty bad if a grub is your pet. We laughed some more and I contemplated getting the children a fish.

We cant have a pet at the moment because we rent in a complex. I can't wait for a little pet for the boys though. I have always thought that I would get Monkey a puppy when he gets baptised. At the moment the closest thing we have to a pet is the chicken we host at my mother's house. There are two laying hens whom the boys named Sophie and Sam (borrowed names from a story book). I love to save all my scraps for the chickens in my fridge. When Mum and I cross paths we trade eggs for scraps. Even though we take turns buying chicken feed, I'm always tempted to give them special foods. But I remind myself that I don't want to turn these free-range eggs into super expensive eggs.

I often think too many modern children miss out on the joys and responsibilities of pets. Renting, smaller yards, registrations costs and desexing practises are factors that all contribute to many children missing out on having pets. As a child I loved our family pets and it was amazing to see them have babies. We try to expose the boys to the wonder of animals as much as possible. We visit theme parks, pet shops, family with pets, and stalk that Baby Barnyard organisation that visits shopping centres with all those adorable baby farm animals.

Anyways I got a kick out of Monkey's simple and positive outlook on life. Its a shame my hubby threw our first pet in the bin. My thoughts were more brutal - give it to the chickens :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Jesus healed me mum.

In the middle of the night I was putting Moo Moo on the toilet because he had the runs. Previously he would complain a heap about getting his bottom wiped because his bot was tender. Well this instance he said 'Jesus healed me Mummy and my bottom isn't sore'. Then he said ' I need to say thank you to Jesus'. After we finished in the bathroom we went back to his room and said a prayer of thanks. I was very touched by this 2 year olds faith in the Lord and the gratitude he displayed.

I love you Moo Moo.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Super Monkey

Thursday its was close to the boys bedtime and the older two were in their room. I heard a muffled Moo Moo crying out for his dad to come and help him. My first assumption was that Monkey was somehow squashing his little brother. I decided rescue Moo Moo and reprimand Monkey for harming his little brother.

Well the picture I had conjured was not the situation I found. Instead Moo Moo had crawled under his bed to get something but was now stuck and couldn't get out. Hence the calling for help. As I reach their bedroom door I see and hear Monkey say "I will rescue you" then lift up the bed for his brother to escape. This newly four year old did a great job but I have to let you in on his super strength secret - their beds are actually toddler beds and light as a feather. Still it was the cutest thing I've seen in a long time. love Brotherly Love it melts my heart.
These were taken a while ago but these guys have always been great mates.

I want to blog!

I haven't even touched my computer for so long which is a real contrast to a couple of months back. I can tell its bee a while because there are a whole bunch of blog posts from other blogs I follow that I haven't seen at all.
A combination of things has kept me away. I have really been trying to go to bed early because we still have lots of sleep interruptions. So I've been trying to be in bed before 9:30pm. Plus I'm trying to read my scriptures more diligently. I'm trying to make sure my husband feels loved and that we spend night times together because he is back at uni. Anyway this is a little hum drum to others maybe but I really do want to BLOG!!!