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Friday, October 22, 2010

Thanks to all my blog friends.

thank you very much for bringing a smile to my face. i just finished reading your well wishes for me and baby four. I haven't written for fear that i might portray too negative a picture because night sickness (not morning sickness in my case) consumes me. After feeling a little boo hoo and oh me oh my, etc i read your comments and i felt loved. i barely go anywhere so its nice to have friendship come my way. It's a weird life i lead right now, so different to a couple of months ago. I feel like for all the challenges thrown at me I have an equal amount of blessings and I just gotta keep looking at the glass half full. Upon measuring  the glass I bet I'd find its probably close to the brim with blessings. but the glass smells nah just kidding... bad pregnancy joke.  I have a super amazing husband who is doing pretty much everything. I hope his uni results dont suffer too much. his says its like I dont exist. Most days I am in our room by 4pm and asleep by 6. its been a blessing thst the in laws are company for my family seeing as I am literally MIA. So if I am MIA as a blogger you'll understand.

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