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Monday, November 1, 2010

Pregnancy and meat works do not mix!!

I think its really hilarious that my in laws live a few doors down from an abattoir / meat works. Its summer too so the windows are open and then the evening kill commences and the smell wafts to my room. Its not nice even for non preggy people so it makes me laugh that its doubly yucky for me.

I have been reading Twilight 'Breaking Dawn' for a distraction of the mind when I'm sick but dont want to sleep. I'm not a fan of the book, personally I think much of it over the top, too coincidental and things happen too perfectly too easy (ie skipping the whole newborn phase, Charlie not asking questions, Jacob being able to overide anything basically make up his own pacts). I dont find it romantic, I hate anything to do with the cottage and its perfect description.

But I am interested in what happens next and how Meyers will make things work. I do identify with some aspects i.e. pregnancy and eggs for breakfast and I think maybe I have super vampire smell and touch powers. The other day my husband walked into the room. I smelt rubber. I asked did you take off your new shoes (synthetic leather). Yes. Yuck get them out. It was like smelling wolf or something. lol

I know there are a lot of people totally into the series but I just can't get there. I think I prefer the classics. I also think I am rather critical. But I find myself skipping so much in the book just to get to the guts of the book. I am up the Volturi bit now and I'm enjoying more the introduction of new characters besides the Cullens and the wolves.


  1. After seeing the last movie, I 'had' to read Breaking Dawn. I barely moved for two days and finished it. Although it was fun to see how it ended, I kind of thought it all worked out too perfect aswell. I will be interested in seeing the movie though!

  2. Hey J! How's the new place, you guys have moved now, haven't you?! And how are you feeling? Hope you are a lot better, that the morning sickness phase is over!!! xox